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Livpure Pep Pro Grand Water Purifier, Wall Mountable, RO+UV+Mineraliser

Livpure Pep Pro Grand Water Purifier, Wall Mountable, RO+UV+Mineraliser

₹18,000.00 Regular Price
₹12,200.00Sale Price

Smart TDS and Water Saving Technology: Smart TDS technology (taste enhancer) enhances taste and provides purified & healthy water for input water TDS upto 2000 ppm.

Multi - Stage Purification: The process of purification goes through multi stages : Super Sediment Filter ,Carbon Block Filter, Anti-scalant Cartridge, RO Membrane, Mineral Cartridge, Taste Enhancer, In tank UV Sterilization at every hour

In Tank UV sterilization: In Tank UV keeps stored water absolutely safe for drinking for longer duration by UV sterilization for 15 mins at every hour which means even if you are on a short vacation you don't need to empty the storage tank and can have clean and safe water when you come back.

Mineraliser: Mineraliser in the purification system ensures right level of essential minerals in water like magnesium, potassium etc. Magnesium boosts exercise performance, maintains healthy blood sugar levels, promotes bone health, and supports better sleep.

Special Features: 2 Free Preventive Maintenance visits, 1Pc Free Sediment Filter, 1Pc Free Activated Carbon Filter (All worth Rs 2000).

Capacity7.00 liters
Included ComponentsProduct, Installation Kit, User Manual Cum Warranty Card
Item Weight7.40 kilograms
Number of Items1
Purification MethodRO+UV+Mineraliser
Special FeaturesRO+UV+Mineraliser
Warranty Description1 year manufacturer

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